Part I 各種情緒 c 各種笑(25條目)

  1. 面部的笑 除了gentle / warm/ sweet smile 外還有
  2. 露齒得意開心的笑: grin
    1. The way the former U.S. President Obama grins makes him very popular among his voters.
    2. Look at the grin on the bridegroom’s face! Sure, he has just married the prettiest woman in town.
  3. 陽光般的笑容 beam
    1. beam本身有光亮的意思,所以此種笑會讓人覺得滿室生光
    2. Her beaming smile is irresistible.
    3. The home-coming queen beamed at me after I cried out her name. It made my day.
  4. 輕顰淺笑 slight smile
  5. 似笑非笑 ambiguous smile
    1. Mona Lisa’s slight and ambiguous smile has set the art world in heated discussions for hundreds of years.
  6. 似有似無的笑 vague smile / ghost of a smile
    1. She accepted the money with a nod and a ghost of a smile. Does she try to tell us something?
  7. 露出笑容 crack a smile
    1. She has a solemn face. She rarely cracks a smile.
  8. 擠出笑容 force a smile
    1. As he posed for a photo with his ex-girlfriend, he couldn’t help but forced a smile.
    2. Her forced smile reveals her reluctance to this so-called “perfect marriage".
  9. 奸笑 sly smile
    1. It’s hard to ignore Henry’s sly smile after we closed the real estate deal.
  10. 假笑 fake smile
    1. In this unkind world, fake smiles are everywhere.
  11. 嘲笑 sneer
    1. 可以想像嘴角斜起的那種面部表情
    2. I can never forget the sneer on his face when I told him I’ve got the TSMC offer.
  12. 皮笑肉不笑 : the smile is only skin deep (成語)
    1. Keep a distance from those whose smiles are only skin deep.
  13. 勾魂一笑/ 媚笑 flirtatious / flirting smile
    1. She tries to impress her dream prince by casting flirting smiles whenever he passes by.
  14. 冷笑 cold / ironic / mocking smile
  15. 諂媚討好的笑 flattering smile
    1. Her flattering smile has helped her climb up the social ladder in New York.
  16. 苦笑 / 乾笑:dry smile
    1. With a dry smile, the actor accepted the Worst Actor award in the satirical Golden Raspberry Award ceremony.
  17. 有聲音的笑:laugh
  18. 爆笑:crack up / break into laughter / burst into laughter
  19. The punch line (笑話之結尾妙語) of the stand-up comedian cracked the crowd up.
  20. 嘰嘰咕咕地笑 giggle
    1. 這種笑傳達可愛的感覺
    2. The young lovers looked at each other, and giggled.
  21. 咯咯之笑 chuckle
    1. 這是平靜有節制的笑,和giggle完全不同
    2. The professor agreed to my new theory, nodded and chuckled.
  22. 不屑之笑:condescending laugh
    1. condescending 即自以為高高在上,是種很不受歡迎的態度
    2. He is polite, but his condescending laugh makes everyone uncomfortable.
  23. 仰天大笑: laugh so hard that his / her back tilts back.
  24. 捧腹大笑 / 哈哈大笑: belly laugh
    1. It’s important to surround yourself with people who can make you have a good belly laugh and enjoy life.
  25. 回眸一笑百媚生 (白居易長恨歌) As she turns, her glancing smile emanates a hundred charms.
    1. glance是快速一瞥, emanate為散發


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