Part I 各種情緒 b 各種喜、樂 (23條目)

除了glad, happy,, celebration 外還有

  1. 欣慰 pleased
    1. I’m pleased when my husband took me to dinner on my birthday.
  2. 歡樂 merry/joyful
    1. merry 特別用在節日的歡樂,如merry/ happy Christmas, 除此外兩者可互用。
  3. 心滿意足content/contented
    1. 意思一樣,唯contented 更適合放在名詞前面,如下:
    2. He is a contented teacher. vs He is content as a teacher.
  4. 知足常樂 a contented mind is a perpetual feast (西諺)
  5. 消遙自在 carefree
  6. 喜由心生 heartfelt joy
  7. 喜形於色 unconscious / uncontained joy
    1. Her uncontained joy is hard to miss when her son finally got married at age 40.
  8. 驚喜 a pleasant surprise
    1. 如只說surprise也可能是驚嚇,所以要加pleasant
    2. What a pleasant surprise! You made it!
  9. 興奮 / 喜出望外 / 喜不自勝 excited / thrilled / elated / happily jump up and down
    1. 這幾個字程度有別,excited用太多了,沒有太多描述性,elated偏文雅,jump up and down最有畫面感
    2. She was elated to be chosen for the top job of the company.
  10. 樂到九霄雲外 on cloud nine
    1. one cloud nine 極度興奮
    2. I will be on cloud nine once I finish my PhD thesis.
  11. 神魂顛倒 infatuated / head over heels
    1. Don’t fall head over heels for Mary, take a step back!
  12. 黑暗中的光亮 / 有希望了 silver lining.
    1. 光從黑雲中透出,形成一光環,稱為silver lining,代表希望.
    2. Do you see the silver lining? The bank will give us a loan.
  13. 黑暗的盡頭, 就是光亮 There is light at the end of the tunnel (諺語)
  14. 喜從天降 a good news out of the blue
    1. blue指blue sky, out of blue就是意料之外, 如不速之客a visitor out of the blue.
  15. 天上掉下來的禮物 a god-sent gift
    1. 天賦異稟是god-sent talent
    2. The bonus is not a god-sent gift, it’s a reward for my years of hard-working.
  16. 及時行樂 enjoy life while you still can
  17. 眉開眼笑 relaxed eyebrows and smiling eyes.
    1. Her relaxed eyebrows and smiling eyes reveal her heartfelt joy.
  18. 享樂主義 hedonism
    1. 雖然這也是哲學一支,但擁抱享樂主義會對個人和社會造成巨大傷害。
    2. A hedonic lifestyle is doomed to ruin your life.
  19. 樂極生悲 extreme happiness could lead to sadness
  20. 樂不思蜀 enjoy life without missing home
    1. Some American expatriates (旅外人士)have been enjoying life in Taiwan without ever missing home.
  21. 普天同慶 jubilation
    1. The coronation (加冕典禮)of King Charles the Third is a moment of great jubilation for the entire United Kingdom (May 6, 2023).
  22. 人生四大喜: 久旱逢甘霖,他鄉遇故知, 洞房火燭夜, 金榜題名時 The four great joys in life: rain after a long drought, meeting an old friend in a foreign land, the very wedding night, and achieving the golden rank in the top national examinations.
    1. 今日已無金榜,但英文仍保留古代科舉的含意。
  23. 我醉君復樂, 陶然共忘機 You’re happy to see me drunk, and we are so carefree that we forget all about the triviality of life.
    1. triviality是指細微瑣碎之事,形容詞trivial


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