Part I 各種情緒 a: 各種「情、愛」(40條目)

A 各種「情、愛」:

  1. 除了love, romance外還有
  2. 愛情 romantic / passionate love
  3. 未及婚姻的親密關係 relationship
  4. 兩小無猜 puppy love
  5. 忘年之愛 cross-generational love
  6. 深情不渝 committed
  7. 同居/ 家庭伴侶 domestic partner
  8. 悲劇戀人 /命運不濟的愛情 star-crossed love
  9. 遠距戀愛 long distance relationship
  10. 心有所屬 / 情有所牽 my heart belongs to
  11. 有情人終成眷屬 the lovers finally tie the knot.
  12. 一日不見,如隔三秋 Missing you for one day feels like having missed you for as long as three autumns.
  13. 琴瑟和鳴 The couple complement each other like instruments play in perfect harmony.
  14. 愛到深處無怨尤love means you never have to say sorry (美國歌曲)
  15. 愛的誓言 lovers’ vow
  16. 天荒地老 till the world ends
  17. 海枯石爛till the sea runs dry and the rock decays
  18. 十五始展眉, 願同塵與灰 At fifteen her tight eyebrows eased, and she vowed to love him till they perished into earth. (李白「長干行)
  19. 感此傷妾心,坐愁紅顏老 With a broken heart, she waits in sorrow till her young, glorious face fades away.(李白「長干行)
  20. 誹聞 / 出軌 affair / scandal / love out of wedlock
  21. 一夜情 one night stand
  22. 逢場作戲 fling
  23. 電燈泡 the third wheel
  24. 恨不相逢未嫁/娶時 I wish I had met you before you were married
  25. 不倫之戀 / 畸戀 forbidden love
  26. 單戀 unrequitted love
  27. 暗戀 undeclared love
  28. 愛如潮水love comes in waves
  29. 一見鍾情 love at the first sight / crush
  30. 異性戀, 同性戀 heterosexuality, homosexuality
  31. 親情 family love
  32. 父愛, 母愛 fatherly/ paternal love, motherly / maternal love
  33. 兄弟之愛 / 袍澤之愛 brotherly love
  34. 莫逆之交 best friend / best pal/ buddy / bosom friend
  35. 姐妹情深 sisterly love
  36. 手足之情 sibling love
  37. 天倫之樂 family togetherness
  38. 血濃於水 blood is thicker than water. (西諺)
  39. 博愛/ 人世愛 agape
  40. 愛國心 patriotism
  41. 宗教奉獻 religious devotion


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